Small Scale Stories are only slightly off kilter

Though I’ve been invisible here, I’ve been producing like crazy. It’s time to share the goodies pouring out of this busy brain of mine. So this post is in celebration.

Ta Da! Announcing…the third volume in the Small Scale Stories series is on Amazon in print form and as an interactive book for Kindle readers. Here’s the intro:

Disappearing Pumpkin CoverNight falls. Quiet reigns in the neighborhood. Around three in the morning chaos breaks loose. I used to figure the honking Canada geese were waking in the night, arguing over the best sleep spots. Now I think maybe the adolescents wing in after partying into the wee hours and are met by scolding adults.

A little further away, the Japanese garden closes its gates for the night. We humans are in awe of the beauty that lies within the surrounding fence. But what if things change at night? What if the serene crabapple trees and sunny forsythia cut loose? What if they let their leaves down and tell jokes too scandalous for human ears?

Even without being allowed into the secret world of the plants, animals and supposedly inanimate objects around us, we can see Nature’s sense of fun. She carves faces into stones, gives crows raucous songs, makes tree roots strong enough to obliterate sidewalks, and offers clouds the entire sky for playing shape games.

We humans are invited to the party. Join the celebration in this third book of Small Scale Stories. They are only Slightly Off Kilter.

Here are a couple of the stories you’ll find in The Disappearing Pumpkin Choir:

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    Yay, Cathryn! And thanks!

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