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Sydney-headshotWhat the heck is a Positivity Purveyor?

It’s not someone who ignores the downside of life, nor pretends we’re not doing a lot of messing up. Rather, it’s someone who acknowledges that we flawed human creatures are also pretty darned amazing and have been gifted with a glorious planet. With a laptop and camera in constant use, I am on the hunt for what is right with the world. People doing things to make this planet a better place inspire my writing. The incredibly generous natural world attracts my trusty Nikon. Encouragement from you fantastic readers keeps me creating.

This site is a place to share juicy inspiration for the creator inside every one of us. Writing, photography and creativity in general are topics I’ll be exploring. And if anything too delicious not to share comes along, I’ll add it into the mix.

I’ve always heard voices in the world around me. When I started carrying a camera everywhere, I would look at the photos and hear those voices. They became tiny tales, which I shared here. If you’ve come looking for those micro-stories (here’s one example), you’ll find the newer ones on my storytelling site, Story Route. The older ones are still on this site. Search for “Turtle Talk”, and they’ll appear. The first collection of them is Cloud Talk.

So glad you stopped by.

cropped-Faded-Rose1.jpgIf you’re wondering what my site icon has to do with any of the above, here’s the story. It’s a faded rose, a bud that didn’t quite make it in time to fully blossom before winter. I’m still unfolding the flower of my creativity, but, as you can see by my photo, I am no longer in the spring phase. I laughed when I photographed this little flower. She seemed like a good visual metaphor for me.

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Karen Tschierschwitz - April 16, 2016

NXNW mentioned your name, so I googled you! Hello from Sepp & Karen T, now living in Creston.


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