Cloud Talk

Cloud Talk
Series: Turtle Talk, Book 1
Genre: Children's Books
Tag: photography
Publisher: Espoir Press
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9780993962363
It's a bear! It's a dragon! It's And clouds tell stories. Lots of stories. They joke around, pull tricks on each other, make fun of the humans down below. It's a riot up there, and anyone with imagination can join in the fun. Cloud Talk invites you to play. Look closely at the photographs. Read the stories. Make up your own. Have fun. This is a book for parents, grandparents, and educators who want to climb into the secret life of the world around you. Indigenous people understand the natural world is a lively, talkative place. So do children. Share this book with the creative small folk in your life. Have fun. Listen to their world, and yours. Share stories. Tickle your creativity. 'The print version is available on Blurb:
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