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Book Giveaway: Remembrance of Things Present – Making Peace with Dementia

  This guest post by Peter Maeck will give you a taste of his wonderful book. He explores his father’s dementia through poetry, prose and photography. Dementia is achingly common. We need writers and artists like Peter Maeck to help us navigate the rough water. Below the post you will find an opportunity to win a copy of his moving… Read more →

Children’s books anyone can enjoy

My short stint as an elementary school librarian and longer stretch of taking the stage as a storyteller taught me an important lesson about books and stories for the younger set: A first-rate story for children can be enjoyed by people of any age. I hadn’t read children’s books since I was a child myself until I found myself faced… Read more →

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Why I review books

  From the moment I cracked the code of words on a page at four, through the years of reading under the covers, with a flashlight (oblivious to the telltale light shining through), I have always devoured books. Devoured them as if going even one day without book in hand would slide me into some perilous abyss. But I never… Read more →

Your Succulent Wild Life

It starts with SARK’s signature style, each page bursting with color and irresistible warmth. (I’ve dropped in some examples of SARK’s lively illustrations.) This time Dr. John Waddell joins Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy in the most persuasive book on loving I’ve come across. When they promise to tell us how to achieve Succulent Wild Love, they deliver. As I edge… Read more →

Delicious books from 2015

With millions of books out there and the limitations of the 24-hour day, no one can make a definitive list of the best books. This short list includes the books I enjoyed most of the dozens I read in 2015. They were all delicious. The Wild in You: Voices from the Forest and the Sea – Poet Lorna Crozier and… Read more →

You, me, and the rest of the planet

We humans are pretty egocentric. We generally view ourselves as Earth’s top dogs. Hmmm, maybe I should change that to top creatures, out of deference for our canine pals. At any rate, a lot of us have bought into the idea that although we may be responsible for looking after the planet, we are, nevertheless, the apex species. I can… Read more →

Camilla Gibb’s memoir, This Is Happy

Tomorrow’s the Big Reveal. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you who weighed in with opinions on the cover for my newest book, Cloud Talk. The final cover takes into account every single bit of feedback you gave me – here and on two different Facebook sites. All of you who weighed in, whether with a few words of… Read more →

Feel the fear, and write it anyway

Having watched Elizabeth Gilbert talk about creativity many times, I knew what to expect from Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Gilbert delivers a pat on the back and a boot in the bum for anyone feeling timorous about their own creative life. It reads the way Gilbert talks – informally and with openness, intelligence, encouragement and a tinge of… Read more →

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