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Can a photo be sacred?

“Take a photo of us,” said Jem. She was sitting beside Henry (not their real names). Jem was his new friend, hoping to pick up some extra cash by throwing in with an experienced panhandler. As usual, I was walking with a camera slung around my neck. I always give Henry some change so stopped to chat. Photos as intrusion… Read more →

Millie’s Farm Family book trailer

Millie’s Farm Family is growing. That sweet little Millefleur hen already hatched three books: Millie’s Feathered Farm Family, Turkey Baby and the Hungry Hawk, and Turkey Baby Finds Her Magic. She has a curriculum guide chock full of activities and insights for K-3 readers. And now…the newest member of the family is a short book trailer. Feel free to share… Read more →

My mom’s Charlie Brown Christmas trees

The scraggliest tree on the lot found a loving home with my mother. Well before A Charlie Brown Christmas became a movie classic, she cherished the lopsided trees with sparse branches. “We’ll cut off these bottom branches,” she would say, “and wire them in the empty spaces. Besides, this gives us space for more ornaments.” A single mother with two… Read more →

Your Succulent Wild Life

It starts with SARK’s signature style, each page bursting with color and irresistible warmth. (I’ve dropped in some examples of SARK’s lively illustrations.) This time Dr. John Waddell joins Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy in the most persuasive book on loving I’ve come across. When they promise to tell us how to achieve Succulent Wild Love, they deliver. As I edge… Read more →

31 more “Perfect Things”

  My email inbox is bloated, cluttered with “I’ll get to it one day” messages from all the sites I have subscribed to. A few times a year I go through it, eliminate the things that have been sitting in it for months, and repeatedly hit the unsubscribe links. The clutter clearing is not a comment on the quality of… Read more →

Blushing Apple

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Anonymous Blackbird

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