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Dementia book review and giveaway

Watch this space to win a free copy of Peter Maeck’s book. The giveaway starts September 12th, the same day Peter Maeck’s guest post appears here.) As did Peter Maeck, I railed against dementia and viewed its ravages as a personal affront. Maeck lost his father to it. I lost my mother. The raging changes nothing. This book might. I… Read more →

Writing the last chapter

  I took my camera for a walk this morning. With summery weather rolling over us like a heat tsunami, I’ve moved my walks to earlier in the day, before the sun burns my skin on contact. Marmots were hanging out atop their condos. Cranes were swinging over construction sites. Leaves were enjoying the evaporating dew. As I wandered the… Read more →

You’re not too old, but start NOW

Sheryl Sandberg’s (Facebook CEO) May 2016 commencement address at UC Berkeley is a gem. She talks about 3Ps that will help you get through, and past, anything. She also tells the story of her grandmother, who managed to acquire a university degree in spite of having to drop out of high school to help support her family. That made me… Read more →

Seriously, what’s your secret?

    One of my favourite writing sites on Facebook is Beth Isaacs’s Writers etc. She shares resources and ideas for writers and encourages members to add things that keep us inspired. A month ago she posted a link to a post entitled, “It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing – When 27 Famous Authors Were Published.” Most of them… Read more →

Older couple cuddling on a bench

The Good News About Getting Older

My thanks to StumbleUpon for this post and to psychologist and storytelling Jonathan Young, founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives for making it available for sharing. Check out his books and seminars on folkstory.com. [And for good examples of spunky aging, see Feisty Aging.] Nine Keys to Aging Well by Jonathan Young There are some things that get better… Read more →

All Grown Up

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Tree Remembers

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Turtles Remember

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Tree’s Legacy

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Turtle Time

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