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Child with a lantern ventures into the night

Hope in uncertain times

    Years ago I was mesmerized by Laurens van der Post’s book, The Heart of the Hunter. His writing sank its hooks into my story-loving soul. Today I came across a conversation he had with another of my favorite storytellers, P.L. Travers. In it he tells part of a story I still remember from The Heart of the Hunter.… Read more →

You’re a canny good-life liver

The planet is lucky to have you. You are one in 7.5 billion, unique and special. You know how to live the good life. You are very likely already doing all or most of ten things researchers have found lead to the best possible quality of life. If you’re curious to know what they are, here’s a little gift for… Read more →

Writing the last chapter

  I took my camera for a walk this morning. With summery weather rolling over us like a heat tsunami, I’ve moved my walks to earlier in the day, before the sun burns my skin on contact. Marmots were hanging out atop their condos. Cranes were swinging over construction sites. Leaves were enjoying the evaporating dew. As I wandered the… Read more →

Photos, fountain pen, all aging

Why I review books

  From the moment I cracked the code of words on a page at four, through the years of reading under the covers, with a flashlight (oblivious to the telltale light shining through), I have always devoured books. Devoured them as if going even one day without book in hand would slide me into some perilous abyss. But I never… Read more →

The best kind of Christmas

As I work on the memoir of my years as a reluctant farmer, I keep coming across stories in old letters and journals. This one, written to a friend who died too soon, makes me feel like Mole in The Wind in the Willows, who sniffed HOME on Christmas Eve and was tugged by a lifetime of memories.   We… Read more →

31 more “Perfect Things”

  My email inbox is bloated, cluttered with “I’ll get to it one day” messages from all the sites I have subscribed to. A few times a year I go through it, eliminate the things that have been sitting in it for months, and repeatedly hit the unsubscribe links. The clutter clearing is not a comment on the quality of… Read more →

Happy Turtle

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Sky Goddess

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Short Life

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Cloud Kudos

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