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Art, Fear, and Purple Mountains

  Shut down as an artist An 8th grade art class filled me with exuberance. I sketched, explored pastels, tried watercolor. I filled tablets, doodled on margins, and saw the world with new eyes. One day my joy came crashing down like a landslide, burying my joy in rubble I am still digging out from. Something about my watercolor of a… Read more →

A mighty chorus of critics

Anyone with a creative bent (and, yes, that means everyone) has heard them. They are the naysayers, the worriers, the foot draggers. When you dare string words together or pick up a paint brush or compose a song, they line up with their oh-so-well-meant messages: “You have no talent. This is drivel. What makes you think anyone cares what you… Read more →

Leaf Art

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Parallel Ripples

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Sky Writer

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