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Dementia book review and giveaway

Watch this space to win a free copy of Peter Maeck’s book. The giveaway starts September 12th, the same day Peter Maeck’s guest post appears here.) As did Peter Maeck, I railed against dementia and viewed its ravages as a personal affront. Maeck lost his father to it. I lost my mother. The raging changes nothing. This book might. I… Read more →

Children’s books anyone can enjoy

My short stint as an elementary school librarian and longer stretch of taking the stage as a storyteller taught me an important lesson about books and stories for the younger set: A first-rate story for children can be enjoyed by people of any age. I hadn’t read children’s books since I was a child myself until I found myself faced… Read more →

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Why I review books

  From the moment I cracked the code of words on a page at four, through the years of reading under the covers, with a flashlight (oblivious to the telltale light shining through), I have always devoured books. Devoured them as if going even one day without book in hand would slide me into some perilous abyss. But I never… Read more →

Invitation to do nothing

Lie on your back. Sit on a bench. Lean on a fence. Gaze out the window. And look up. This is your official permission to do nothing. While you’re doing nothing but soaking in some sunshine or noticing the 50 shades of cloud-grey, you also have permission to let your imagination run wild. Except when the sky is dark or… Read more →

Camilla Gibb’s memoir, This Is Happy

Tomorrow’s the Big Reveal. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you who weighed in with opinions on the cover for my newest book, Cloud Talk. The final cover takes into account every single bit of feedback you gave me – here and on two different Facebook sites. All of you who weighed in, whether with a few words of… Read more →

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