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Sometimes our best teachers ignore us

    As I walked through the marsh this morning, I heard a nearly-grown osprey chick crying plaintively from the nest. He was facing away from the marsh, which made me curious. Further along the path, I discovered the reason. One of his parents was sitting atop a tall, dead tree, eating a fish. Junior could not fly to the… Read more →

You’re not too old, but start NOW

Sheryl Sandberg’s (Facebook CEO) May 2016 commencement address at UC Berkeley is a gem. She talks about 3Ps that will help you get through, and past, anything. She also tells the story of her grandmother, who managed to acquire a university degree in spite of having to drop out of high school to help support her family. That made me… Read more →

Your words are powerful

Arnold Mungioli’s Live the Questions Now is one of my favourite blogs. You’ll see why with this excerpt from a recent post. When he went to the funeral of a friend’s mom, he had written something for her. Believing his rushed writing was not “as fleshed out nor as Poetic nor as Deeply Expressive” as it could have been, he… Read more →

Tree Child

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Feeding Formation

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Missed Memo

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