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Disappearing Pumpkin Cover

Small Scale Stories are only slightly off kilter

Though I’ve been invisible here, I’ve been producing like crazy. It’s time to share the goodies pouring out of this busy brain of mine. So this post is in celebration. Ta Da! Announcing…the third volume in the Small Scale Stories series is on Amazon in print form and as an interactive book for Kindle readers. Here’s the intro: Night falls.… Read more →

Book covers for Small Scale Stories

Small Scale Stories now available as books

One of my Instagram friends recently told me I see the whole world as stories. Guilty as charged. When I take my camera for a walk, I keep my ears, eyes and heart open. Stories are everywhere. One day I noticed a plastic bag caught in a tree. I thought some dog owner had scooped the poop and lost the… Read more →

Listen up – the world’s talking to you!

When I started posting photographs to Facebook, I would sometimes hear a story as I looked at a particular photo. So I began writing micro-tales to go along with the ones that spoke to me. I was having such fun with them, I started using Canva to make them into posts I could upload to Instagram, as well as Facebook,… Read more →

You, me, and the rest of the planet

We humans are pretty egocentric. We generally view ourselves as Earth’s top dogs. Hmmm, maybe I should change that to top creatures, out of deference for our canine pals. At any rate, a lot of us have bought into the idea that although we may be responsible for looking after the planet, we are, nevertheless, the apex species. I can… Read more →

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