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Homeless child

Storytelling lifeline for a homeless boy

  “Sol’s” story is true, though I’ve changed his name out of deference for the young hero. I met him while working as Storytelling Director for Stagebridge, the US’s oldest senior theatre company. This story first appeared on January 26, 2011, on StoryRoute. Missing a chance to shine Marijo Joseph, a talented performer who often worked with Stagebridge, was teaching Sol… Read more →

Can a photo be sacred?

“Take a photo of us,” said Jem. She was sitting beside Henry (not their real names). Jem was his new friend, hoping to pick up some extra cash by throwing in with an experienced panhandler. As usual, I was walking with a camera slung around my neck. I always give Henry some change so stopped to chat. Photos as intrusion… Read more →

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