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Disappearing Pumpkin Cover

Small Scale Stories are only slightly off kilter

Though I’ve been invisible here, I’ve been producing like crazy. It’s time to share the goodies pouring out of this busy brain of mine. So this post is in celebration. Ta Da! Announcing…the third volume in the Small Scale Stories series is on Amazon in print form and as an interactive book for Kindle readers. Here’s the intro: Night falls.… Read more →

Book covers for Small Scale Stories

Small Scale Stories now available as books

One of my Instagram friends recently told me I see the whole world as stories. Guilty as charged. When I take my camera for a walk, I keep my ears, eyes and heart open. Stories are everywhere. One day I noticed a plastic bag caught in a tree. I thought some dog owner had scooped the poop and lost the… Read more →

Child with a lantern ventures into the night

Hope in uncertain times

    Years ago I was mesmerized by Laurens van der Post’s book, The Heart of the Hunter. His writing sank its hooks into my story-loving soul. Today I came across a conversation he had with another of my favorite storytellers, P.L. Travers. In it he tells part of a story I still remember from The Heart of the Hunter.… Read more →

You’re a canny good-life liver

The planet is lucky to have you. You are one in 7.5 billion, unique and special. You know how to live the good life. You are very likely already doing all or most of ten things researchers have found lead to the best possible quality of life. If you’re curious to know what they are, here’s a little gift for… Read more →

Endless travel, without luggage or passport

If you were a kid who read by flashlight, covered in blankets you hoped would hide the light, this one’s for you. You danced with the Wild Things when your mother scolded you. You cheered when the spider, Charlotte, spun messages that saved her pal, Wilbur the pig. You ached for days when Travis had to shoot his beloved Old… Read more →

Writing the last chapter

  I took my camera for a walk this morning. With summery weather rolling over us like a heat tsunami, I’ve moved my walks to earlier in the day, before the sun burns my skin on contact. Marmots were hanging out atop their condos. Cranes were swinging over construction sites. Leaves were enjoying the evaporating dew. As I wandered the… Read more →

Positive stories make us better people

Most of us fret about being constantly bombarded by negative news, violent movies and grisly action games. We worry children are being influenced by the onslaught, that the world is a dangerous place, that things are out of control. As real as those fears may be, Steven Pinker and other researchers have discovered we live in the most peaceful era… Read more →

Non-artist’s path to creating a children’s book

Yes, I’ve been completely absent here. It’s this children’s book series that’s been gnawing at my mind for a long time. I’ve been waiting for talent to strike or for my bank account to finally fatten enough for me to hire an illustrator. Neither happened. No miracle walked in the door. So I just got busy. Writing and photography are… Read more →

Invitation to do nothing

Lie on your back. Sit on a bench. Lean on a fence. Gaze out the window. And look up. This is your official permission to do nothing. While you’re doing nothing but soaking in some sunshine or noticing the 50 shades of cloud-grey, you also have permission to let your imagination run wild. Except when the sky is dark or… Read more →

The perils of perfectionism

The dreaded Perfectionist Inner Critic smacked me a good one. On October 28th I promised I’d have the Big Reveal on the cover for Cloud Talk “tomorrow”. A lot of tomorrows have passed. I asked for feedback on the cover, as you can see if you scroll back through several posts here. Forty people weighed in, and their opinions were… Read more →

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