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Child with a lantern ventures into the night

Hope in uncertain times

    Years ago I was mesmerized by Laurens van der Post’s book, The Heart of the Hunter. His writing sank its hooks into my story-loving soul. Today I came across a conversation he had with another of my favorite storytellers, P.L. Travers. In it he tells part of a story I still remember from The Heart of the Hunter.… Read more →

31 more “Perfect Things”

  My email inbox is bloated, cluttered with “I’ll get to it one day” messages from all the sites I have subscribed to. A few times a year I go through it, eliminate the things that have been sitting in it for months, and repeatedly hit the unsubscribe links. The clutter clearing is not a comment on the quality of… Read more →

Fresh Shoots

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Meaningful Events

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Short Life

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Mysterious Messengers

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