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Painting software for the digital artist

Not so long ago, turning a photograph into something that looked painterly required a lot of technical know-how with feature-rich, complicated software. New generations of photo editing software make the process both quick and fun. The versions below are just a quick show and tell, with encouragement for you to check out the amazing variety of software on the market. If you have… Read more →

Playing with Lightroom

The 2016 CreativeLive Photoshop Week is way too much fun. The live webinars are free all week and can be purchased individually or as a package. I’m learning things about Photoshop that will make my work with it far more productive and interesting. Lightroom is on the webinar schedule as well. I use it almost daily but what I learned… Read more →

A Toolkit for Lightroom presets

After I posted A little Lightroom love last week, Viktor Elizarov asked, “are you using TOOLKIT adjustments after applying STYLE presets?” I had poked around in them a little but not enough to realize how useful they are. His question was enough to make me curious about what I could achieve with that combination of his presets and toolkit. Below… Read more →

A little Lightroom love

Our digital cameras, in whatever shape or form, do their best for us, but they cannot deliver exactly what our brains and eyes connected with when we took the photos. That was true with film cameras too, of course. The darkroom artist experimented until she brought out just the right amount of contrast or colour. I’m glad we don’t have… Read more →

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