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Endless travel, without luggage or passport

If you were a kid who read by flashlight, covered in blankets you hoped would hide the light, this one’s for you. You danced with the Wild Things when your mother scolded you. You cheered when the spider, Charlotte, spun messages that saved her pal, Wilbur the pig. You ached for days when Travis had to shoot his beloved Old… Read more →

Millie’s about to get company

I’ll never forget the day we put a small, injured turkey chick into a cage with a broody Millefleur hen and held our breaths. Millie was the perfect foster mother for every stray chick. She had refused only one, a duckling. (Don’t tell my young Millie fans, but she pecked him, hard, on the head and pulled her foster chicks… Read more →

Children’s books anyone can enjoy

My short stint as an elementary school librarian and longer stretch of taking the stage as a storyteller taught me an important lesson about books and stories for the younger set: A first-rate story for children can be enjoyed by people of any age. I hadn’t read children’s books since I was a child myself until I found myself faced… Read more →

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