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Dementia book review and giveaway

Watch this space to win a free copy of Peter Maeck’s book. The giveaway starts September 12th, the same day Peter Maeck’s guest post appears here.) As did Peter Maeck, I railed against dementia and viewed its ravages as a personal affront. Maeck lost his father to it. I lost my mother. The raging changes nothing. This book might. I… Read more →

Robin Morgan standing at lectern

Distilled by Parkinson’s

In May 2015, poet Robin Morgan gave a TED talk that woke me up. She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and wrote poems full of life and humor and insight. Who but a poet would say of a disease like that, “I do not feel diminished by Parkinson’s; I feel distilled by it, and I actually like very much the… Read more →

You, me, and the rest of the planet

We humans are pretty egocentric. We generally view ourselves as Earth’s top dogs. Hmmm, maybe I should change that to top creatures, out of deference for our canine pals. At any rate, a lot of us have bought into the idea that although we may be responsible for looking after the planet, we are, nevertheless, the apex species. I can… Read more →

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