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Be a fierce Millie: safeguarding children who are victims of hate

As Canadians reel with horror from the news of gunmen shooting worshippers at a Quebec City mosque, my thoughts turn to a Mille Fleur hen and the turkey chick she mothered. It may seem an odd juxtaposition, but the rise in senseless attacks on The Other brings home the lessons her life exemplified. Attacking The Other The scene still makes… Read more →

A mighty chorus of critics

Anyone with a creative bent (and, yes, that means everyone) has heard them. They are the naysayers, the worriers, the foot draggers. When you dare string words together or pick up a paint brush or compose a song, they line up with their oh-so-well-meant messages: “You have no talent. This is drivel. What makes you think anyone cares what you… Read more →

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