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Robin Morgan standing at lectern

Distilled by Parkinson’s

In May 2015, poet Robin Morgan gave a TED talk that woke me up. She had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and wrote poems full of life and humor and insight. Who but a poet would say of a disease like that, “I do not feel diminished by Parkinson’s; I feel distilled by it, and I actually like very much the… Read more →

Farewell to an extraordinary muse

Ojibway writer Richard Wagamese is gone. He has left on the journey whose destination is mysterious to those of us still plodding along in our earthly lives. When I heard the news on CBC this morning, I was devastated. He had fallen silent on Facebook. His last entry was November 26, 2016, when he wrote: Two men saw a pile… Read more →

Endless travel, without luggage or passport

If you were a kid who read by flashlight, covered in blankets you hoped would hide the light, this one’s for you. You danced with the Wild Things when your mother scolded you. You cheered when the spider, Charlotte, spun messages that saved her pal, Wilbur the pig. You ached for days when Travis had to shoot his beloved Old… Read more →

The best writing teacher

CBC’s North By Northwest played a song this morning that reminded me of my mother. One line in particular caught my ears, “Mother’s in the garden with the bees.” The words took me back to a frequent scene from my childhood — mother’s back, bent over her beloved flowers, cherishing each one as she removed the weeds around them. A… Read more →

Seriously, what’s your secret?

    One of my favourite writing sites on Facebook is Beth Isaacs’s Writers etc. She shares resources and ideas for writers and encourages members to add things that keep us inspired. A month ago she posted a link to a post entitled, “It’s Never Too Late To Start Writing – When 27 Famous Authors Were Published.” Most of them… Read more →

Photos, fountain pen, all aging

Why I review books

  From the moment I cracked the code of words on a page at four, through the years of reading under the covers, with a flashlight (oblivious to the telltale light shining through), I have always devoured books. Devoured them as if going even one day without book in hand would slide me into some perilous abyss. But I never… Read more →

Words that taste like burned squash

We invited friends to have dinner with us last night. The day started well. I shopped at the farmer’s market, chatted with my favourite vendors and brought home bags of fresh food. From then until the two couples arrived at six, I worked non-stop to prepare an interesting meal. Baked dates for appetizers, stuffed with blue cheese and warmed in… Read more →

Your words are powerful

Arnold Mungioli’s Live the Questions Now is one of my favourite blogs. You’ll see why with this excerpt from a recent post. When he went to the funeral of a friend’s mom, he had written something for her. Believing his rushed writing was not “as fleshed out nor as Poetic nor as Deeply Expressive” as it could have been, he… Read more →

Feel the fear, and write it anyway

Having watched Elizabeth Gilbert talk about creativity many times, I knew what to expect from Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Gilbert delivers a pat on the back and a boot in the bum for anyone feeling timorous about their own creative life. It reads the way Gilbert talks – informally and with openness, intelligence, encouragement and a tinge of… Read more →

So many books, so little time

The stack of books beside my bed never seems to dwindle because so much of my reading these days takes place on the iPad. That little tablet has enough books on it to keep me reading for ages, yet I still cannot resist a title like this one on BuzzFeed Books: 43 Books You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking… Read more →

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